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Why great care teams matter

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Why great care teams matter

Johnathon Abbey

Johnathon Abbey (original January 12 2016)

We live in a world which will see a large amounts of care required, across different groups, for instance: refugees, people with chronic physical health needs, those with disabilities, and others such as the large baby-boomer cohort who will entering into aged care, to name a few examples. People who take on the human services caring roles in our community are a valuable group who also need to be supported, developed and given opportunity to excel so they can be treated in a positive way and pass this positivity on to recipients of care and to newcomers to the profession. This helps create a great community of care, and this helps create great care teams. In my humble experience, I have found that great care teams are:

  • Open; they share their learning and thoughts with one another and learn from mistakes
  • They share their gifts to nurture others, and they use humour
  • They problem solve thoughtfully and remain resilient
  • They are ultimately person centred but aware of resource constraints
  • They create joy in their work and share this joy with the person they are supporting
  • They find meaning in their work

Promoting great care teams therefore cultivates best quality of care, to enable others a good quality of life. This is so important, as the need for great caregiving services affects so many of us directly or indirectly. Great care teams can set a good example in the often complex human services field.

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