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Connecting to your best self

Johnathon Abbey

In my Private Practice (and in respect to my own focus of how well I'm traveling) I like to use a concept that helps people to connect to the best or "ideal" selves. I use the following three questions to help individuals person get to this place:

  1. What is your favourite memory?
  2. What do you most like to do everyday?
  3. What do you like about yourself?

The first of the three questions is used to help the person connect to the deeper themes that represents their best life. The second question helps the person to identify how they may access "snippets" of their best life in every day activities that they find fulfilling. The third question helps the individual understand that they have the "blueprints" or the "tools"  that are necessary to help drive them toward any goal that they would like to focus on. Finally, with the focus on moving gradually from one place to another (on any particular goal). I am able to easily support this process.  This helps others devise interesting and unique ways to create real changes in their lives and mindful enjoyment on the way to the attainment of their goals.

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