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Maureen Rangi

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Maureen Rangi

Johnathon Abbey

Maureen is a motivated health care professional. She is driven by her innovative and strength based processes to help young people succeed in their development. Maureen brings 23 years of experience from her training as a personal fitness professional, and her background in aged care, disability and personal care.

 She is an active dragon boat paddler and competitor. Maureen has a strong personal drive for success. It is important to her that she focusses on the inner strengths of people she helps. She uses her ability to support and encourage people to create pathways for a successful personal journey.

Maureen delivers mentoring services that are active, disability-specific, trauma and psychology informed to tackle an array of potential or existing difficulties and problems.

She has natural gifts in supporting children and young people due to her warm nature, geared toward finding the best support for young people. Her program is based on her collaboration with psychologists, therapists and practitioners.