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Continually shaping care giving environments

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Continually shaping care giving environments

Johnathon Abbey

Throughout the caregiving industry, best practice outcomes for the individuals we support is crucial. Often, considering what it would feel like to receive the service yourself, is a helpful way of understanding the importance of good care giving services. It is important to consider that there is always room for continual improvement and new ways to do things. People providing services in care giving roles across key industries such as: children in care, people with disabilities, those in aged care and individuals with mental health vulnerabilities, also benefit from having their needs catered to. It is important that we take care of care giving staff in the process of delivering care services. This enables these individuals feel best placed to provide their best services.

By supporting care giving individuals or employees to give their best, this further supports the individual to remain connected to their own sense of purpose. This also helps them to hold in mind a strong person centred, care planning approach. This helps give vulnerable people further opportunities to lead good lives. You can stay supportive and remain “in tune” with the needs of caregiving individuals by considering the following points:

•Good caregiving is enhanced when that individual is in a good place to provide care. This may mean that attempts to help them connect to their best selves, abilities, core values or desires is important for the attunement and purpose tied to their role (which leads to better outcomes for people being supported).

•Helping a caregiver to connect to their “best place” will assist them as motivation, commitment and structure are key in the role of caregiving.

•Many factors may also detract from excellent caregiving and excellent customer service. Therefore guidance, support, and a safe environment to provide care and communicate about

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