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Getting the systems right for caregiving organisations

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Getting the systems right for caregiving organisations

Johnathon Abbey

Helpful systems underpin good caregiving. However unhelpful factors can arise in care giving and professional roles which can pose as roadblocks to success.

The roadblocks include: resource constraints, high demands, poorly skilled or trained staff, organisational fatigue, workplace conflict, staff burnout, and many other difficult workplace or personal circumstances which impact on workplace achievements.

In the workplaces of those who perform formal care giving and professional roles, employers and organisations can benefit from holding the wellbeing needs of these staff in mind, just as the needs of direct clients are held in mind.

This is not a revolutionary idea, however the impact of an unwell organisational system on care givers, in turn impacts directly on those in need of support.

Whilst we hold in mind that holistic and comprehensive care giving is not always simple, not tending to an unwell system for caregiving poses the potential for unacceptable risks especially when anybody puts themselves in the shoes of the vulnerable person.

5 Things for management teams in caregiving industries to consider:

  1. How do you connect the underpinning values of your staff to your organisations core mission and create a culture of care?
  2. How do you approach systems for staff role clarity and a joined focus amongst staff?
  3. What do you need to do more of in your organisation to hold in mind the human aspects of the work?
  4. How do you harness care staff and professionals to create best practice outcomes for vulnerable people?
  5. How do you celebrate achievement, accomplishment, promote success and revisit practice when things do not go to plan?

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